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Who is Physical Therapy Specialists?

Dr. Robert Inglis MPT, DMT, OCS, COMT, CSCS, YFS, Doctor of Manual Orthopedic Therapy and Krista Inglis MPT Pedratric Therapist.

Physical Therapy Specialists (PTS) is a family owned, multi-disciplined practice. We specialize in orthopedic manual therapy, spine care, sports medicine, pediatrics, and fitness. Founded in 2004, PTS seeks to continually improve the health of the local communities we serve via a passionate commitment to clinical excellence and customer service. PTS prides itself on helping our clients get better, faster, and stronger to achieve their maximum quality of life.

We unyieldingly pursue excellence and improvement through personal development, mentoring, clinical training, and research to help our clients achieve the Best Results in Fewer Visits using the Newest Research. Our therapists use proven treatment techniques based on innovative and clinical concepts derived from predominant schools of thought in manual therapy, osteopathy, exercise physiology, rheumatology, neurology and radiology. We also seek to create an outstanding customer experience that exceeds our clients, families, and referral sources' expectations.

For more information about how PTS can help alleviate pain, minimize the use of prescription drugs and expensive diagnostic imaging, and prevent painful and costly surgery, call to schedule a consultation (714) 528-9400. We make doing business with us easy and treat everybody as family!

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is an advanced level of physical therapy training that includes skilled, specific hands-on techniques to diagnose and treat soft tissues and joint structues. Expected outcomes may include managing pain, increasing range of motion, reducing muscle guarding/tension, eliminating joint inflammation, increasing joint mobility, improving joint stability, and restoring normal movement patterns. Manual therapy is most effective when combined with therapeutic exercise and other rehabilitative activities. Once pain has been reduced and joint mobility improved, it is much easier for a patient to regain optimal and efficient movement patterns and restore maximum function. Mobilization and exercise are key components of manual therapy and consist of skilled, passive movements to joints and associated soft-tissue structures. Mobilization involves small amplitude, non-thrusting, oscillatory movements imparted to the patient by the therapist. Other hands-on procedures such as massage, stretching, and deep pressure are components of manual therapy.

Who Will Benefit?

Individuals with a variety of disabilities and orthopedic conditions that result in disorders of the moving parts of the body can benefit from manual physical therapy. In fact, there is high-quality research evidence supporting the use of manual physical therapy in the following conditions: acute and chronic low-back and neck pain, muscle-tension headaches, hip and knee osteoarthritis, and shoulder pain. In many cases, manual therapy combined with therapeutic exercise can produce rapid pain relief and improvement in function.

Where to Go?

Although manual physical therapy has been a component of physical therapist practice since the inception of the profession, some physical therapy practices may not frequently utilize it as part of services. At Physical Therapy Specialists, we specialize in orthopedic manual therapy. Our therapists are required to complete a 1 year certification program in orthopedic manual therapy. In addition, out therapists may complete a 1 year residency doctoral program specializing in advanced orthopedic manual therapyand exercise techniques. Our clinical support staff also have training in medical exercise techniques and directly supervise every patient. Careful evaluation and intervention planning by a physical therapist will assure safe and maximally effective benefit.